Yetu Pamoja Investment Cooperative Society Limited is an investment entity that was registered in 25th March, 2011. The motivation to set it up was the change in the Sacco Act which provided that Sacco’s should move away from non-core activities such as purchase and sale of land, real estate, property management etc. It was started by 3,314 members drawn from the parent institution Yetu Sacco Society Ltd

Who we are

We are an investment company registered under Co-operative Act whose mandate is to carry out investment activities using member’s funds. Over the years, the society has created wealth for its members with the flagship project been putting up a Majani Plaza-(a 8-storey building) in Nkubu, Meru. The cooperative has also acquired land in strategic locations across the country at very attractive, below the market prices. Currently, our asset base stands at Kshs. 157 million.

Mission & Vision


To be the investment bridge of choice


To maximize members wealth through prudent, sustainable and responsible investment activities

Core Values

As a cooperative our underpinned shared values are;

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Transparency


The cooperative is governed by 7 members of management board committee and 3 supervisory board members. In implementing the projects and running cooperative day-to-day activities, we have a Business Development Officer.

Our Mandate/what we do

  • Buying and selling of land
  • Real estate development
  • Property management-sacco assets e.g land

Completed Projects

  • Successful completion of MAJANI PLAZA- a real estate investment in Nkubu, Meru.
  • Acquisition of a 5-acre land in ISIOLO A project that has been subdivided into small portions and sold out.
  • Acquisition of a 10-acre piece of land in ISIOLO B that is been subdivided for selling.
# Year Amounts in ‘Kshs M’ Divindends Rate ‘%’
2013 5.2 5
2014 6.6 5
2015 8.8 7
2016 9.5 8
2017 11 9.5
2018 12 10
2019 7 6

Future Plans

To leverage on the members goodwill through continuous impressive return on investment in short run our plans are;

  • Property Insurance
  • Trading in equity and money markets
  • Project development
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