Hazina Account (Agribusiness-Tea Based)

Hazina account is ideal for the tea farmers. The account supports both the large Scale and Small scale farmers.  The Hazina account offers you affordable banking since you can run your monthly Tea Payout as well as the Bonus on this account. 

Enjoy financial freedom with an account that can be accessed conveniently anywhere and anytime. You get to deposit and withdraw any amount of money at your convenience.


  • The account has unlimited withdrawals throughout our multiple service outlets
  • There are no ledger fees charged
  • The minimum operating balance is Ksh 1000
  • Competitive Interest rates


  • You gain access to credit facilities
  • You gain access to ATM facilities
  • There is instant SMS on credit entry

Need more info?

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Withdraw Money From Your Account Using Your Mobile Phone (Wakati Wowote Mahali Popote)

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