Who Are We

Yetu Sacco was formed by tea farmers who came together in 1990 in an effort to try and help themselves.  It was officially registered with the ministry of co-operative on 23/09/1991.

Who Can Join

Below are but a few people who can join our fast growing organisation.

  1. An individual
  2. Organisations, schools, business, institutions and churches
  3. Registered cooperative societies and organisations
  4. Self help groups

What We Offer

Yetu Sacco agents are outlet shops offering banking services to our members.
It has the following features:

  1. Account opening for new members
  2. Cash withdrawals
  3. School fees payments
  4. Balance enquiry
  5. Cash Deposit

We build on our farmers

We are located at Nkubu town. It is a town located in Eastern Province of Kenya. It is the headquarters of the Imenti South District and falls in one of the most fertile and best watered parts of Africa, with tea, coffee and dairy farming as the main economic activities in the area.

Government Support

We received a visit from the former President Hon. Mwai Kibaki, Former vice president Hon. Stephen Kalonzo, Minister of Co-operative development and marketing and other leader during the inauguration of our Yetu Pamoja Majani plaza eight storey building.

We build on our farmers

The society has put up a eight storey complex (MAJANI SACCO PLAZA) at Nkubu town. The plaza is fully funded by members who have contributed investment shares towards the building project.