M-SACCO is a special product designed to help our members Transfer, Deposit, Withdrawal, borrow money etc at their door steps.


  1. Upon receiving the M-Sacco registration confirmation Message (sms) and PIN, you are required to change your starting PIN to PIN of your choice as long as 4 digits.
  2. To allow you to change your PIN first send a short message to  21332
  3. Dial *346# then select answer/ok/reply depending on your handset to get to M-Sacco service menu in the first time you are accessing the service, you will be required to change your starting PIN in order to access full menu.
  4. To change PIN, select answer/ok/reply depending on your handset and enter your Starting PIN. You will be required to enter your new PIN and finally confirm your new pin.
  5. After changing your PIN you will receive an sms saying  Your PIN has been changed successfully
  6. Use this new pin always for your M-Sacco transactions.

M-Sacco Menu

How to subscribe Dial *346# Enter your PIN Option numbers.

  1. Withdrawal
  2. Balance enquiry
  3. M-Yetu Loan
  4. Loan repayment
  5. FOSA – BOSA transfer
  6. Transfer
  7. Mini statement


Reply with the desired option.


To withdraw money from FOSA account to Price of penegra 50 M-pesa

  1. Select option 2.
  2. Then select account number,
  3. Enter option 1 then press ok/enter/reply.
  4. Enter amount to withdraw e.g. 1000
  5. Enter your M-Sacco PIN and Wait for confirmation


  1. Go to your M-pesa menu Select pay bill option
  2. You will be required to enter Business number.
  3. Enter, 512100
  4. Enter your FOSA account number in this format: e.g. (1018920) Note that the account number has 7digits
  5. Enter the amount you would like to deposit then press ok/send.
  6. Enter your M-pesa PIN and press ok/Send
  7. You will receive confirmation from M-pesa that confirmation Kshs xxxx send to Yetu Sacco for account. 1018920

Loan repayment

Select option 3 to repay your outstanding loan

Balance enquiry

Select option 4 for balance enquiry.


Select option 5 to unsubscribe from M-Sacco access alerts.