Mortgage Financing And Construction

The target of this loan product is to help sacco members to be home and real estate owners in a more convenient and competitive manner


  • Copy of signed Sale Agreement between the borrower and the vendorto be submitted to the sacco’s most current copy of the title deed
  • The borrower MUST have clear and proven source of repayment already existing income streams that are sufficient to meet expected repayment.
  • The security to be by way of first legal charge on the property being financed and/ or another property
  • Loan secured by the plot is 30% and the house 70%
  • Property to be valued by a valuer on the Sacco’s panel


  • Original Bill of Quantities prepared by a registered Quantity Surveyor
  • Project Implementation Schedule (Contractor’s Work Plan) detailing all activities and scheduled time frames
  • Building contract agreement between borrower and contractor

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