Access Our Various Savings Accounts

Find a savings account that perfectly serves your needs, whether individual or business. Simple terms and conditions, better interest rates and appropriate financial advice make our products ideal for you and your financial aspirations.

Corporate Account

This is an account that responds to the saving requirements of registered organizations.

Faida Account

For those who wish to grow their savings into something more rewarding.

Mapato Account

This is a tailor made product that answers to all the Salaried  clients monetary demands around the clock.

Msingi Loan

Hazina Account

Hazina account is ideal for Tea Farmers Both Large Scale and Small Scale. Allows Multiple transactions round the clock. 

Biashara Account

This is a special product designed to embrace the unique needs of our business operators.

Akiba Account

This is a contractual account designed to embrace those with a passion to invest in finance.

Kilimo Account

Keep the income from your dairy products safe and be assured of encouraging interest rates.

Digital Account

Crafted for the youths to help plan for your future by laying a good savings foundation as you set out to achieve your financial goals

Yetu Junior

Product designed to make your child financially stable by exposing him/her to the saving culture.

Bakisha Account

This is a daily deposit taking savings account that allows you to save daily.

Coffee Account

The Coffee Account is crafted to meet the needs of the coffee farmers. 

Savings growth coins

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Withdraw Money From Your Account Using Your Mobile Phone (Wakati Wowote Mahali Popote)

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