Yetu sacco society Ltd is a registered Rural based sacco.It was registered in 1991 to cater for tea farmers in South Imenti constituency, currently Imenti South district. However, with time the economic activities of our members diversified and we also diversified to cater for their new needs. We also opened our doors to new customers - those not necessarily involved in tea farming. Yetu Sacco Society has five branches and is still expanding and opening new ones to provide quality services to our customers wherever they are located.

Our Vision

A model Sacco, social and economic member empowerment. 




  • Instant and cheap credit
  • Fast and efficient services delivery
  • Participation in management
  • Sharing of profits and dividends
  • High returns on savings
Our Mission

To mobilize savings and to provide appropriate products and services to enlightened staff and membership at a competitive cost and ensure high returns to members. 



  • mobilizing savings
  • provision of cheap and affordable credit
  • improving living standards of our members
  • Training and education of our people
  • Providing personalized services to our members