Who We Are

A little story about who we are

Yetu SACCO is a deposit-taking SACCO licensed under the Societies Act. Its Registration No. is CS. 6366. Over the years Yetu SACCO has established itself as leading institution playing a central and supportive role in the social and economic development of our country through the provision of the competitively priced financial products. The name Yetu SACCO Society Ltd was adopted in 2010 when the administrative areas of presence moved beyond South Imenti in Meru County. The name “Yetu” is a Swahili word that means ours born from members commitment in building their own society.

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Our Origin​

Yetu SACCO Society Ltd was initially registered as South Imenti Tea Growers SACCO Ltd. The founders had a dream and through their visionary leadership, committed members and good prevailing economic environment Yetu SACCO Society Ltd has built a rich history.

It was officially registered with the ministry of Co-operative on 23rd September, 1991 with the following objectives:-

  • To mobilize savings and provide cheap credit to its members.
  • To eradicate poverty and improve the living standards of members.
  • To promote education of their children of their and fight illiteracy.
  • To overcome exploitation and harsh conditions provided by banks and other financial institutions.
  • To educate and enlighten members on better savings habits and investment to achieve financial developments.

Present Status

We currently coordinated from the Nkubu Head office in Meru County. Plans are that have a presence in other Counties. Six fully-fledged branches and three mobile units/points of presence are strategically positioned and coordinated from the Nkubu office in Meru County.

Since its inception, Yetu Sacco has gradually been on an upward trajectory. The Sacco has registered tremendous growth in both its membership as well as its asset base. As of 31st December 2023, we had over 60 thousand in membership and an asset base of 6.4 billion. 


To grow and empower our membership by adopting innovative market driven services


To be an inclusive financial institution offering high quality services​


Your success our pride

Our Core Values





Customer Service


Concern for community


Our Drive

we are and intend to remain an innovative ,professional,ethical, performance oriented and successful development SACCO that offers the highest standard and quality customer service, and we conduct our business with uncompromising integrity.

Our Focus

  • Mobilize savings
  • Provision of cheap and affordable credits
  • Training and education to our members
  • Providing members with effective and efficient services to assure satisfaction
Yetu Sacco Society Nkubu Branch photo

Our Offer

The market is faced with a highly growing monitory demand to answer to either group or individual need. We have developed a rich product mix accompanied by professional business education to guarantee you right decision making as you wisely borrow and enjoy the best rates under user friendly terms and condition all to unlock your business opportunities, boost your personal development as we lead you to your financial freedom.

We are an investment company registered under Co-operative Act whose mandate is to carry out investment activities using member’s funds. Over the years, the society has created wealth for its members with the flagship project been putting up a Majani Plaza-(a 8-storey building) in Nkubu, Meru. The cooperative has also acquired land in strategic locations across the country at very attractive, below the market prices. Currently, our asset base stands at Kshs. 157 million.

Junior Account Yetu Sacco

Our Mandate/what we do

  • Buying and selling of land
  • Real estate development
  • Property management-Sacco assets e.g land

Future Plans

To leverage on the members goodwill through continuous impressive return on investment in short run our plans are;

    • Property Insurance
    • Trading in equity and money markets
    • Project development

Completed Projects

  • Successful completion of MAJANI PLAZA- a real estate investment in Nkubu, Meru.
  • Acquisition of a 5-acre land in ISIOLO A project that has been subdivided into small portions and sold out.
  • Acquisition of a 10-acre piece of land in ISIOLO B that is been subdivided for selling.


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Yetu Cash Services


Withdraw Money From Your Account Using Your Mobile Phone (Wakati Wowote Mahali Popote)

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